Old Market Folk Culture Block _ Phase I 老菜场市井街区一段


Old Market Folk Culture Block _ Phase I 老菜场市井街区一段

荣    誉 SDA 2023 Gold Award 金奖

类    型 城市设计

设计师 行止计画建筑事务所

"Old Market Folk Culture Block“ is an ongoing urban renewal plan located in the southeast inner city of Xi’an. “Phase I” is the kickoff project which hopes to retain the existing “ecosystem” around the market, and to transform the vacant upper space in the factory. In order to integrate the fragmented spaces and provide a new path, the designer frames the STEP PLAZA, the VERTICAL CORE, and the BRIDGE. The STEP PLAZA is crucially important which balances multiple parties and opens the roof to the public. The low-cost, multi-property developing mode and the retaining policy for the street life brought many improvised changes and trivial modifications to the project. However, it also made the project different from the normal gentrified renovation and instructed the design to a diverse and multilayered result.


“老菜场市井街区”是一个西安明城墙东南角持续进行的城市更新计划,“一段”是其启动项目。项目希望在保留底层菜市场现有生态的基础上,更新改造闲置的厂房上层空间。 为了整合碎片化空间、打开进入内部空间的新路径,设计置入了新的台阶广场、交通筒和连桥。其中台阶广场尤为关键:设计平衡多方利益,拆除现有商铺第一跨,降低第二跨、置入台阶、打开屋顶;开敞的广场不仅引导人流进入,也成为了菜场公共生活的舞台。 小成本、多产权的开发模式和保留市井现状的改造策咯给项目带来很多临时的变动和琐碎的修改,但也使得项目的面貌相较于常见的士绅化改造更加多元而丰富。