The Bloom 绽放


The Bloom 绽放

荣    誉 SDA 2023 Gold Award 金奖

类    型 数字设计

设计师 熊超

Synopsis For the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Paralympic held at the bird’s nest in Beijing , Chinese artist Jody Xiong was invited by Chief Director Zhang Yimou to create a technologically-powered art installation called ‘The Bloom’. The project brought together 12 disabled people around an 8-meter wide, circular canvas to create a colorful smiley face by detonating paint-filled balloons using the power of their minds. It is a tech and art experiment, an expression of the strength of the disabled. This short film really records the process of the experiment. Description Disable people are not defined by their health conditions or impairments. Combined with the technology of brain wave idea control, the mental power expression of the disabled can be visualised. A group of impaired individuals came together to create a piece dedicated to the Winter Paralympics. They choose their favourite colours and place them in balloons with detonators. Then wear a brainwave-capturing device that sends a signal to trigger a detonator to detonate a balloon, and paint is sprayed on the canvas. The colourful intersections form an abstract “smiley face”, which means welcoming friends from all over the world with laughter. “Smiley face” debuted at the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics. How ‘The Bloom’ Works We have people with disabilities wearing our brainwave controllers, which can capture the EEG (Electroencephalogram) signal of the wearer through the device's receptors. The captured EEG signal will be converted into the corresponding EEG parameter using the NeuroSky biometric algorithm, thus controlling the external detonating device. Our external device is a PLC (programmable logic controller) connecting to 61 detonators via relays and wires. Each detonator is placed into a balloon full of colored pigments. Each person with disabilities can choose one or several ballons that they like. Then we will individually program the balloons via the PLC and match the balloons to the corresponding brainwave device. All they need to do is to focus, so they can convert their EEG signals to commands and trigger the detonation.


2022年3月4日,北京冬残奥会开幕式,中国艺术家熊超受总导演张艺谋邀请,创作了一件名为“绽放”的装置。该项目邀请了12位残疾人聚在一起,选择各自喜欢的颜色,放置在装有雷管的气球中。残疾人环绕在一块直径为8米的圆形画布周围,然后戴上脑电波捕捉设备,发送信号触发雷管引爆气球,颜料喷洒在画布上。绚丽多彩的交汇,形成一幅抽象的“笑脸”,“笑脸”在冬残奥会开幕式亮相,寓意着用欢笑迎接全世界的朋友。一次科技与艺术的实验,一场残疾人精神力量的表达。残疾人虽然身体残缺,但灵魂并不残疾,这部短片真实地记录了实验的过程。 残障人士戴上了脑波仪意念控制器。该仪器可以通过触角捕捉佩戴者的脑电信号,并采用NeuroSky的芯片生物计数算法,将捕捉到的脑电信号转换成相应的脑电参数指标,以此来控制外联的驱动装置。我们的外联驱动装置是一个PLC控制器,经由控制元件继电器及无数根电线,分别连接了61根雷管。每根雷管都被单独安置在一个装满颜料的气球中。每位残障人士选择一个或数个自己喜欢的气球,我们通过PLC控制器单独为其编写了程序,并匹配到相应的脑波仪上。他们只需要集中专注力,便可以将脑电信号转换成指令,完成爆炸。