Covert fashion down jacket 隐秘时装羽绒服


Covert fashion down jacket 隐秘时装羽绒服

荣    誉 SDA 2023 Gold Award 金奖

类    型 时尚设计


Process features: (utility model patent certificate Patent No. ZL 2012 2 0540913.9) The covert fashion down jacket is a kind of process practice through the face and gall separate, the down bile cleverly hidden, and in the premise of retaining the basic warmth of the down jacket, change the conventional down jacket wear effect bloated and most can only be worn outside the visual effect, the traditional conventional down jacket is very bloated and clumsy, and only down vest, down jacket and down pants and other individual categories, but through our process design can not only say goodbye to the bloated and clumsy external visual effect, and can achieve the full range of down. But our process design can not only say goodbye to the bloated and awkward external visual effect, but also realize the full range of down. Whether it's a skirt, jacket, pants, trench coat, or shirt, it can be made into a down jacket category without changing the visual appearance. Material description: The main fabric of this covert down jacket is recycled fiber and is made through a composite process. This material not only reduces the pollution to the environment, reduces the production cost of down jacket, but also improves the quality and durability of the product through the compounding process.


工艺特点:(实用新型专利证书 专利号:ZL 2012 2 0540913.9) 隐秘式时装羽绒服是一种通过面胆分离的工艺做法,将羽绒绒胆巧妙的隐藏起来、且在保留羽绒服基本保暖功能的前提下,改变常规羽绒服穿着效果臃肿以及大部分只可外穿的视觉效果,传统常规羽绒服非常臃肿笨拙,而且只有羽绒马甲、羽绒外套以及羽绒裤等个别品类,但是通过我们的工艺设计不但可以告别臃肿笨拙的外在视觉效果,而且可以实现羽绒全品类化。无论是裙装、外套、裤装、风衣、衬衫,在不改变外观视觉效果的情况下都可以制作成羽绒服品类。 材料说明:此款隐秘式羽绒服主面料为再生纤维,并通过复合工艺制作而成。此种材料不但减少了对环境的污染、降低了羽绒服生产制作成本、而且通过复合工艺又提高了产品的品质以及耐用性。